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There are a lof of affiliate programs available for promoting the web hosting. I even once remember a hosting (which was so cheap that I suspected it really is a hosting or not) that even build a site for you and do all the work and you just need to register a domain name and promote their hosting (which is now with your brand name and is your hosting).
Along the several hostings available, I want to take a deep look into the DreamHost today. As you can see I made this site not from scratch and used wordpress as an open source webloggin / website building tool. An important factor for me to choose a hosting is if it wordpress friendly or not. You can read a lot about the wordpress support by many hostings but the best resource you can trust is the only place you go to download your wordpress and that is nothing but wordpress.org.

Dreamhost is one of the suggested hosting solutions for wordpress, so if you are thinking of building a website based on wordpress do not hesitate and register with Dreamhost. It offers a lot in terms of pricing options. If you pay for the 10 years contract with them you'll get the lowest possible price for such hosting price 5.95 a month. The price that I didn't see anywhere else with this quality.

But what in terms of affiliate program, it is convinient and it is reliable. It offers two kind of program. One is to give you 97 bucks in return for refering a friend and the other one would be 10 percent of all a referred ones in his lifetime of purchasing / renewing a plan with dreamhost. The second option seems more

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