Amazon Kindle 3 review (3G + WiFi version)

I have bought my kindle a month ago from Target in bellingham mall, blain. You can’t find Kindle in Canada retail stores, which sucks; and you can’t order it from, only from, which sucks even more. If you order from, it takes more than a week to get to you and you are entitled for the duties as well.

After trying kindle for a while, I have decided to return it. I have reasons, but in short, if you are not a heavy fiction reader, kindle is not a good ebook reader for you at all.

I got the 3G version so that I can look at some websites and read some news when in bus or skytrain. Forget about it. Surfing web using kindle took so much time that you probably will get to your destination before finishing a single article. Also it takes so much energy that using 3G browsing web for a little more than an hour will drain your battery out and you need to charge it again.

The other disadvantage about Kindle was its battery life, as Amazon claimed to run for 21 days or so, I couldn't find that promising. I have laid Kindle next to my bed for a week, and the battery was gone. I haven't used it. It is funny, Amazon claims that Kindle won't consume energy while showing a page but just when changing a page. I didn't find that truthful.

Kindle had a really nice feature that was able to show UNICODE fonts. It also had a nice feature that you can upload any PDF into it. You also could send your PDFs to Amazon, it convert for you to a kindle format and you could read it on your kindle. I tried it with a ebook about Drools, but I couldn't follow the book in great detail.

Another disadvantage is lack of light source with it. If you want to read it in a bus at night, or when it is getting dark, you will probably be in trouble. You need to carry a flash light or some small torch with you to read that.

I was expecting more from Amazon, hopefully with the next Kindle I will be an amazon kindler.


  1. My experience is very different, and I wonder if you truly gave the Kindle a chance, or if perhaps you were expecting something more along a tablet, which the Kindle definitely is not. Perhaps a Nook Color would be better suited to you.

    As far as the Kindle, I have nearly 2000 books on mine, 80% of them were free, both fiction and non-fiction in a huge variety of genres and subjects. The kindle is not backlit ... the beauty of e-ink is the contrast, likeness to a paper book, and ability to read in bright light, even sunlight. There are many compact book lights available for the times one might be in a dark area.

    In regards to battery life, once books are loaded on to the Kindle, they must index, which takes battery life. I leave my Kindle plugged in overnight anytime I add numerous books at once. With wireless on, we easily get 7-14 days on a single charge on our two kindles and with wireless off, we get 15-25 days (both examples depend on the amount of use, we are heavy users).

    The web browser is slow, and not as maneuverable as a tablet, smartphone or computer browser. It works for the purpose, but just barely. Mobile websites are recommended.

    Also, there are forums on the Amazon Kindle site, where much information and suggestions are available. The Kindle is a premium device, but it IS a dedicated ereader. For some people, a tablet device or smartphone may be a better choice.

  2. By the way, The Bellis Faire Mall (referred to as the Bellingham Mall) is in Bellingham, WA, NOT Blaine ... Bellingham is a much larger city about 30 miles south of Blaine, which is a tiny town and right on the U.S./Canadian border.