One of the most important part of your digitall life is copyright, if you want to make a site for international users you should always be aware of copyright which in my country (Persia) no one cares about it which makes us less competetive in the information era.
If you check, ( for the service ), ( for the ),, nwe york times and economist, you will see that they condemn using any (yes, any) part of their work in your digital (or pinted) work.
New york times say that if you want to publish it you should have a written permission from us, economist, says that no publishing is allowed as bbc, digg is saying that if you think what is posted on their have some interference with your copyrighted article send us documents and they do as much as they can on behalf of yours, banning the user, removing the article and also (if they can) charge the person who made that article, but there is also some penalties if your documents are not enough to prove that you have the copyright.

For more information about copyright, I think the links below are helpful:

  1. Copyright in wikipedia

  2. United states copyright office


  1. Very useful information. I didn't know where to start looking about this subject...

  2. I think in Iran now it is enough just to mention the name of resource.
    as I know they are all copying the news from each other and maybe change the content to the one which they like.

  3. Indeed in Iran Copyrights like any other rights :) are not taken seriously. I sure prefer a free flow of information.
    The funny thing I have noticed is that often there is an "All Right Reserved" for very ordinary material. The same who do not care about copyrights, are the first to put this label as soon as they can!