Flies, Loblaws & Health of Canadians

Flies inside transparent pastry packaging of Loblaws http://goo.gl/oY72w; Just days after huge news of acquiring @ShopprsDrugMart. Will you buy pastries from Loblaws anymore? I won't.

I wasn't believing my eyes when I stumbled upon the package. I though I am getting old and this is a sing of my eyes weakening. I had seen flies flying around groceries and outside the box, but never I had seen flies to be flying inside a package which is on shelf, for customers to buy!

The video is over a minute with no sound. You have to be patient to find the flies. I can assure you, they can not be missed. If you don't see flies at beginning of the video, pay attention to the video when it gets to the one minute mark. You will see lots of flies trapped inside a Danish box. I'm pretty sure they are having a really good time surrounded by delicious Danishes.

I hope Loblaws watches this video and rethink what its priorities are. I believe Loblaws needs to focus more on quality of its products and the process they have in place. They have to make sure that a product which is clearly a risk to Canadians' health, is not being sold in their stores. They have to not let Canadian hesitate about quality of products being sold at Loblaws. I believe for any customer, it is vital to know that the first priority from where s/he buys her/his groceries is the quality.

Maybe Loblaws was thinking of its customers after all. They wanted not only to provide delicious pastry for your family, but they were thinking of alternative ways that you can consume proteins. So they made the hybrid and put on shelves Danish + Flies.

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