IBM ThinkPad T61 Stops Working

My new notebook stopped working. That simple, the problem I don't know what might be but I am backing up all my data and information on that. You can use it in the safe mode but not at all in the normal mode. The vista sucks I believe. I also tried using the thinkvantage button and the hard disk fails to passed the tests so probably the problem is the hard disk with some bad sectors or something. The problem might also be from the last program I installed (utorrent) which was three months ago. So probably the only reason is the hard disk failure. I am shocked that my old laptop which was a basic Toshiba is still working after three years without any hard drive failures but the ThinkPad one is having problem after only 3 months and with all the protection they say to provide for the hard drive.

So till talking to the support and getting more in detail do not buy any ThinkPad notebooks.

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