Second Life, so what ?

Yesterday we had a visitor that his impression was that he was among the first people that perform virtually in a chat room with his instruments and he was talking about second life and what they did in that, they performed a concert in Second life, made a film and played games, became a celebrity there and paid (yes, actually he was charged) for bodyguards in virtuall world.
Everyone was astonished and so enthusiatic about where the technology is going, but at the end there was still a question not answered in my min, doing these thing in virtual world for what ?

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  1. The simple answer is this: These are people who apparently have nothing better to do than hang around 2nd life. Personally, I'd like to master the 1st life first before journeying into 2nd life... They are bored, possibly unemployed, possibly college students, and apparently have enough money for the computing equipment.