Introducing new free phone calling site,

If you are living in North America and having lots of friends and family outside your city, I'm sure that you always looking for finding some cheaper ways to get in touch with them. As of before January first 2007 you were able to use skype for calling within north america for free and it's over now but do not be disappointed I wanna to introduce new service called click 2 voice which is totally free and can be used from your regular home phone, cell phone and is not only usable through PC calling.
It is even greater when on your cell phone plan you have the free incoming calls, while you calling through click 2 voice the ID that is showing on calling device is the caller ID of your own cell phone while it is an incoming call for you, so no charge for you and the person on the other side think you call him directly through your cell phone.
And a good news is that from now on you can call even more countries, like Germany, France and so on, just go to, get a free account and get connected.

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  1. thanks 1vancouverite thats nice, you know I can also use it, you can use it in Europe too.
    and it use WP as a webapplication :D