Couldn’t believe I sold RIMM for 59.99. I knew RIMM is going to go up after introducing its new tablet (BlackBook or BlackBerry). I have bought RIMM for 58.65 and was playing around with my account, nothing to do with it. Didn’t expect that RIMM is going to go up in one day for up to more than 3 dollars. Now that it reaches 63 bucks, it even more frustrating for me to look at it.
Also couldn't believe apple has hit the 340 price. Imagine if you had bought apple when the market got crashed, for under 100 dollars, you could have tripled your money by now. I bought it for 310 and sold it for 308, as I believed that is it not going to hold the 300 price and is going to go below that price. Not a good prediction either.

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