BidVertiser Payment – Finally

BidVertiser is an advertisement company which is mainly aiming at internet advertisement. I was using this advertisement program along other programs (such as Adsense …) along my different websites. After 3 years, I got an email that there is a payment for you waiting. The minimum amount is 10$. So you can imagine, the amount I got from this online advertising company is not much higher than 10$, after 3 years. They are going to even investigate these clicks, to make sure they are not fraud!


Dear ~~~~,
A future payment of $~~~~ is to be paid to you at the end of January:
Amount to be paid: $~~~~
Payment period: 12-Jul-2007 - 31-Dec-2010
Payment method: PayPal
PayPal Account : ~~~~
Please note that this payment is subject to approval, as our fraud-protection team will review the clicks generated during the period detailed above.
The manual clicks-review is an addition to our real-time click-protection algorithm and is to ensure that we only charge our advertisers for legitimate traffic.
Please do not respond directly to this e-mail because we are unable to receive e-mail responses to this address. Should you encounter any problems or have any questions, please login to your BidVertiser account and click on the Support link.
Best Regards,
BidVertiser Support Team

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