X10 Multi Touch update in Android 2.1 Update

Sony Ericsson has updated its X10 line of phones more than ten days ago. However, the only carrier that has X10 in Canada, has not updated the firmware, nor no news about when and how the update will be released. There was only one person from rogers replied back to my twitter saying that he can not comment on that.
Look what you can do with your updated X10, not only you can play the Angry Bird but also you have the Multitouch option for your phone. You will get the HD recording and 5 home screens. With this update, X10 will be the best Android 2.1 phone in the market.

Update: Found that Chris has replied back to one of my tweets and kind of approved that they are trying to get the update as soon as possible.
This is what he said:
@1citi We will update it when we're ready to roll it out to customers. Right now, it's not ready. Stay tuned!

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