Xperia X10, New Update coming soon

As you might know, I have been dealing with rogers lately for getting a new phone. I once got Xperia X10, it has some issues and I returned it. I was waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Captivate to be realeased and get that one. It is taking forever that rogers announce the time of its release. Even if it get released today, it has an issue with its back and search button. I will definitely see myself clicking search button instead of back button several times. Other than that, I couldn't wait forever for rogers to release its release date.

They have announced that there will be a captivate available but didn't say when. Captivate was available in US from July 18th. Rogers announced it on August 4th and after a month there is no specific date.

There is another option for the Blackberry with its new Torch lineup coming out. But there is always a problem of applications with blackberry. There are so small number of applications for blackberry and I have learned that applications written for blackberry os 5 will not work on the blakberry os 6. Google maps will not work and also the google apps, if they work with lots of bugs until they got fixed.

*This is a simple video showing how to update blackberry 9700's OS to the 6th version.

Rogers has recently announced the Torch will be available in Canada on September 24th. The price for the 3 year term plan is 199.99, 50$ more than Iphone and 100 bucks more than Xperia X10 as of now. There is no price out yet for the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate.

Having all these in mind, I have stumbled upon an article in sony ericsson's blog that convinced me to put my faith on Xperia X10 once more and order it once more. They have promissed to upgrade to Android 2.1, also the HD video recording (720P) and lots of more options. Think of a cell phone with 8 megapixel camera, capable of recording video in HD, running Android 2.1, there won't be any cell phone with the 99.99 price to be able to compete with, is there ?

So once again I have asked rogers to send me a new Xperia X10 and hope till then the updates are out and no news about Galaxy Captivate.

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