Inactive Fee for Scotiabank Credit Cards! Beware

Every now and then banks find a way to get that money out of your pocket. Specially after the credit crunch, creditors always come up with a way to do that.

One way is to charge you a inactive fee for your account. I have seen this fee for the bank accounts but I have never seen it on a credit card. I was browsing for a new credit card that I saw a term on scotiabank's page that says they are going to charge you 10 dollars if your credit card is not being used for a period of 12 months.

This is from their website:
Inactive fee¹
Applies to No-Fee Scotia Moneyback VISA, No-Fee Value VISA, No-Fee ScotiaGold VISA and SCENE VISA. [Fee does not apply to L’earn VISA or SCENE VISA card for Students]
This inactive fee only applies to the credit cards that do not have an annual fee. So if you are not paying an annual fee and leaving your credit card resting on your desk, get up and give scotiabank a call to cancel it. This inactive fee is for the following cards:

Scotia Momentum VISA, No-Fee Scotia Moneyback VISA, Scotiabank Value VISA, ScotiaGold Passport VISA, No-Fee ScotiaGold VISA, L'earn VISA and SCENE VISA

These are images of the cards.

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