Empathize vs Sympathize

Empathize is often used interchangeably with sympathize, but you'll get no empathy (or sympathy) from usage experts if you confuse the two. When you sympathize with another person, you feel sad that she is suffering, but you don't necessarily relate to her experience. It's easiest to empathize when you've been through a similar experience; for example, if your pet guppy had recently passed away, your friend's hermit crab story would have broken your heart due to empathy.


O'Leary: No cracks in Canada's housing market

The first major sign is in the shoebox condos and none can be seen. http://link.sheidaei.com/usder

Dance is your presence to a beat!

A great ted talk by Ben Weston on how to get any man dancing! http://link.sheidaei.com/bixuc

Risk Early, Sacrifice and Win! (The King's Gambit)

  • Risky for the king!
  • Not easy for beginners!
  • Bishop / Knight to follow.
  • Knight safer for the beginner!
  • f7 square is the weakest square for black!
  • Once you castle King side, your rook plays a great role

Nuclear talks and Parkour in Iran

http://link.sheidaei.com/ftcko Iran's young people used to obstacles, following nuclear talks closely. There is a very modern, urban side to Iran that the West doesn't always see. A report by Nahlah Ayed, CBC.