Canon 350D gone, now aiming for 7D, 60D or 550D

I have sold my old camera 350D, what a friend I am! I am trying to get a better camera. The 350D is a nice camera but it lacks certain features like high ISO number and the default lens that came with it was not an IS (Image Stabilized) lens. You could not do much with that taking pictures in low light conditions.

Now that my camera has gone, I am kind of missing something in life. I have had it with me everywhere almost. Most probably I am going to use the memories I have with it (my Pictures) to get along until I get my new camera. I can not decide between 60D, 7D or 550D. The good thing about 7D and 60D is that they come with a 18 – 135 lens, which is one of a best lenses for Canon in the package. So If I want to get 550D with that lens, it will be almost as the price of 60D or so.

However, I have a 55 – 250 IS lens at home, so if I get the 550D I can use that lens too. However, every time I need to change the lens for shooting from telephoto to wide or vice versa.

The 7D is not comparable with these two; It is one of its kind, full frame , no crop and waterproof. It is so tempting to get that one. However, the price is so high. I am not sure if I am even using all its features.

For a quick review of the 550D, 60D and 7D take a look at this youtube video. I kind of agree with the guy that says at the end, if you want to get the professional camera go for 7D and if you don’t want to pay so much go for 550D.


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