Is IPhone 4 a real phone ?

This is a video I've found on youtube, it has been created by hotforwords. Inspired by the lady gaga and beyonce's telephone song. With all these hassles about IPhone 4 and its problems, this is the best time to think about telephone and its roots.

Some history on telephone:

The word telephone comes to us from the Greek tele meaning far and phonos meaning sound. Original telephones were any devices used to convey sounds over great distances.
The first telephone of sorts was invented by Robert Hooke in 1667 when he tied two pieces of string between two cups and pulled the string tight.. he ended up with the first string telephone.
Then in the early 1800s, ships used devices they called telephones to signal other ships in foggy weather... these were basically foghorns, though that usages became obsolete shortly thereafter. Then in 1876 Alexander Graham Bell used the telephone term to describe his device for communication over a distance using wires.

The first words uttered by Bell on the 10th of March 1876 were:

"Mr. Watson, what are you wearing right now?"

And phone sex was born!

So a telephone originally described a device used to send sound over great distances like a horn, then it applied to a device that used wires to transmit the sound. Later on it also applied to wireless devices that did the same thing.. cellular phones, cellphone, or mobile phones.. their all just updated telephones used for transmitting and receiving sounds over great distances.
There you go, another mystery solved..


Hold on.. I can't hear you.. we need to pull the string tight... There you go.. I can hear you now!
What? If the string worked for Robert Hooke with the 2 cups, I figured it would work for my iPhone 4! Great idea right?

Back to phone.. What. You're in jail for poisoning everyone in a restaurant? I can't help you this time, call your friend B.

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