A 2010 Olympic torch is being hawked in eBay.

hawk 2

  1. to offer (goods) for sale, as in the street

  2. (tr; often foll by about) to spread (news, gossip, etc.)

hawk /hk/ noun, verb

  1. a strong fast bird of prey (= a bird that kills other creatures for food): He waited, watching her like a hawk (= watching her very closely).—see also sparrowhawk

  2. a person, especially a politician, who supports the use of military force to solve problems dove


  1. [vn] to try to sell things by going from place to place asking people to buy them peddle: He made a living hawking cleaning products from door to door.

  2. [v, vn] to get phlegm in your mouth when you cough see eye n.

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