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Fitness world is one of your easiest choice if you are looking for some place to train your body and use its facilities. I have decided to select a gym on June this year. So I have paid a visit to fitness world. It is located down the Capilano road, some place near the border of north van and west vancouver. You would be accompanied by a lady to tour the place. She tries to babble as much as she can and persuade that she is part of one of the greatest place in the world. At the end, you are feeling that, wow I have been missing this place from my childhood, why haven’t I been here since my birth :-P.
Anyhow, after a long discussion with the lady, this is what I got as fees for fitness world. The rate she was offering was said to be for the students only. However, I believe she can count anyone as a student.
They have different packages, each packages has their own definition. It begin with Platinum, gold, silver and Bronze.
Bronze is the one with nothing extra, you can only use the facility. Other ones are like giving you some training sessions, some trainers to watch you or someone to coach you. I guess doing those is not that hard.
Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
First Month 104 104 104 104
Per Month for first 12 Months 156 131 62 50
Per Month for second 12 Months 29 29 62 50
After that 29 29 29 29

The rates (fees) you are seeing at the table above are the official rates. However, I got the below rates after a 15 min talk with the lady.
Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
First Month 65 65 65 65
Per Month for first 12 Months 128 108 54 42
Per Month for second 12 Months 26 26 54 42
After that 26 26 26 26

So take a look at these rates, then decide if you want to go to a fitness world for a training or not.
The package description are as follow:
Platinum Package:
  • Includes 12 Personal Training Sessions
  • Include EX nutrition plan
Gold Package:
  • Include 12 Personal Training Session
Silver Package:
  • Plus EZ weight loss and nutrition plan
Bronze Package:
  • nothing more!

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