Bluehost is upgrading his hosts

I've got a new email today from Bluehost regarding its new features upgrade.

This is what I've got in email. It won't affect my performance but I guess whoever uses Ruby on Rails would greatly be in trouble.

In the next 72 hours we will be upgrading the server is hosted on from CentOS 4.7 to 5.3. We expect for the upgrade to take approximately 1.5 - 2 hours to complete. Most users will not be impacted by this upgrade, however several key items will be updated:

* Ruby on Rails


* ImageMagick

Continue reading for more information regarding these application/utilitity updates:

Ruby on Rails

If you are actively using a Ruby on Rails application, we encourage you to freeze your gems.

Freezing Ruby Gems prevents your Ruby on Rails application from automatically upgrading its Gems whenever a new version appears on the host. This allows you to control which Gems versions are run on your hosting account. The following command, run in your dev environment, unpacks the current system Gems into the rails directory:

rake rails:freeze

After this method runs, your application will not be affected by host Gem updates.


GCC will be updated to 4.1.2. If you have compiled any applications/utilities against GCC, we encourage you to recompile these after the upgrade has been completed


ImageMagick will be updated to version 6.2.8. This upgrade will bring new features for graphic manipulation, most notably seen in image galleries.

We strongly encourage all users of Fantastico and Simple Scripts to bring all their applications to current. If you are unfamiliar with any of these programs mentioned as part of the upgrade, or are unsure if this upgrade will affect you, we suggest you make sure all your applications are recent. If you are not the developer of your website or are using applications not provided through Cpanel, please check with the developer of that application or your site. You may want to forward this email to them for referral.

Numerous other packages are being upgraded as a result of this major OS update. Should you experience any problems as a result of this update, please contact support for assistance.

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