Microsot Live Spaces

Long time ago I created a simple page at live.com , a new service offered from microsoft at that time. Now that I wanted to log into that page I can not. The silly microsoft delete your account (email account) when there is no activity on that account for more than 6 months. The most silly thing about that, it is not deleting all other infomration that is related to that account. Your account is deleted but not the services you are using with that account. Now that I reget my live ID, I can not use my spaces page on the microsoft website. I wish I could have find a way to inform them about this problem but I only found a feedback form and emailing to support@live.com were the only ways I could think of doing that.

I remember having some sort of the same problem with flickr, I could easily contact them and they answered me within a day. Let's see how microsoft's performance measures up.

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